Fast Methods for Getting Money When You’re Short on Funds

Many people find themselves short on funds for various reasons at least once during their lives. You are not alone. Common causes of this problem include:

– Paycheck delays
– Sudden illness
Car repairs
– Forgotten bills

Consider these methods for making up the difference:

Work Temporarily

Some temp agencies have employee replacement filler and overflow production positions available immediately on the same day that you apply for work and then pay you the same evening, the following morning or by the end of the week. Also, check if anyone in your neighborhood needs temporary help with various types of odd jobs, such as cleaning, cooking, repairs and landscaping.

Donate Blood

Many communities have centers that pay for blood donations. Check with your local hospitals and Red Cross to see if there are any opportunities to make some extra quick cash and help save lives through a donation. Keep in mind that centers turn away people who have certain health problems or low blood counts. Some donation centers also have long lines. If you find a center and decide to donate often, ask if there is a VIP return donor program that can help move you through the process faster.

Sell Property

Look around your home for nice items and “junk” that you can sell through an outdoor yard sale, an online classified ads website or a yard sale or flea market social media group. If you decide to sell online, post the condition of the items and a location where you can meet with buyers. If you have antiques or collectibles, check current prices for your items through sites like Etsy and eBay and then contact local dealers and pawn shops before selling elsewhere as shop owners might be able to give you a better deal and upfront cash. Additionally, look around your home for items made of valued recyclable metals like aluminum, copper and steel that you can sell at a scrap or junk yard.

Borrow It

Although you might feel embarrassment over your situation, ask friends and family for a short-term loan until you receive your next paycheck when all other methods fail. If you are too embarrassed, you do not want your loved ones to know about your situation or you need a lot of money, contact an installment loan lender like Many people, even those with bad credit scores, are able to get next day installment loans. Keep in mind that these loans often come with high interest rates and strict terms. Always read the fine print.

As you can see, plenty of options exist to get money fast when you need it. You simply need to get creative or ask for help.

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