How to Spend Less and Get More

In today’s modern world of online shopping and huge shopping centers, is it any wonder that most of us walk away from shopping exhausted and overspent? When was the last time you walked into a store and walked out with only the one thing you went in there to buy? If you are like me, I am betting you walked out with your arms overburdened with new and exciting purchases you never planned for in the first place.

So, if you credit card bill is beginning to look like it could support at least one third world country’s annual budget, it is time to find a way to stop the madness. With so many stores beginning to create POS payment gateways in-store that are hard to ignore, we need to band together to find a way to shop more, buy less and really enjoy the shopping experience once again. Here are my tips.

Browse as an Artform

If you really think about it, shopping is really more about browsing then it is about actually buying. I think that many of us have lost sight of the true artform of shopping, which is to look at everything and buy only that item that really meets all our criteria.

This means you may have to shop at six or seven similar stores before you find the one outfit that really works for you at the price you love. You may even find the same blouse that three shops, at three different prices. Who says you have to buy it at the first shop where you see it? Browse the stores, look for bargains and create a look that doesn’t cost you last week’s paycheck for just the shoes.

Check Out Return Policies

Have you ever tried to return something that didn’t work out for you and found out that you couldn’t? A real expert in shopping would already know exactly what the exchange policy is at all their favorite stores for a good reason. If you have the option to return that item, you can bring it home, check it against what you already have, and be sure it will work to give you as many outfits as possible.

Heck, when I lived in Los Angeles we used to buy fabulous dresses, go out on a date and then return them, tags still attached. The only trick was to make sure you didn’t spill anything on that dress or you would be paying for it for a year to come. But boy, did we dress great and know by heart the return policies for all the fabulous stores in the city.

Try it But Don’t Buy It

Are you the kind of shopper that loves to try out new clothes? When I go shopping I dress for trying stuff on, with an outfit I can step out of easily, the right bra that I know will look right with everything and of course the right shoes. Then I can try on clothes until the salespeople are standing by, ready to close up for the night. For me, just seeing me in them (and maybe taking a selfie or two in them) is almost as good as buying them.

Try it the next time you see a store chock full of outfits you could never afford to buy or dresses you just don’t know where you would wear them. Who needs to buy when I have photographic proof of how good they look on me?

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