SME Discovering It Difficult to Obtain Loans From Banks – Fact Or Perception?

Previously week, I stumbled upon a couple of newspaper articles addressing the problem concerning the difficulty for Medium and small Enterprises (SME’s) to acquire loans from banks which i find interestingly confusing.

Bank Negara commented that banks are gone careful despite the central bank gave assurance that ample liquidity within the banking sector and be capable of lend. While Bank Negara had brought the move by cutting the overnight policy rate and statutory reserve requirement of lower cost of funds, a lot of lenders aren’t releasing their “over” careful position. It had been also reported that banks happen to be reviewing credit risk profile of existing loans and see if these SME companies can continue to fulfill the repayment schedule, or maybe their assessment shows a higher default risk profile, banks will either lessen the facility or perhaps in certain serious cases, calling bank the ability by demanding immediate repayment. This course of action will lead to economic slowdown and economic crisis, globally.

The Association of Banks in Malaysia (ABM) taken care of immediately this comment the perception is inaccurate. Based on ABM’s chairman, included in the ongoing loan reviews, banks will have to assess and choose if lines of credit provided to the shoppers are fully utilized or reduced. This really is to permit better effect on other lending activities. He’s also commented that there’s been a general rise in SME loans being qualified at 31 December 2008 than the previous year.

Comments from all of these newspaper content is all provided by leaders of the particular organization. Used to do some extended informal findings from some rank and file employees, mainly loan officials from both local and foreign banks. Their comments generally are listed below:-

They received orders from greater management to freeze most application for the loan from SME’s since the center of 2008.

Collateral needs are very impractical. Example, one-for-one cash collateral (say fixed deposit) for that facility (say overdraft or term loans).

Trade lines for example bank guarantees and Letter of Credits aren’t readily recognized through the banks, even individuals lines from worldwide famous banking institutions.

Banks are on your journey to retail loans for example charge cards, unsecured loans, housing loans and vehicle loans. It is because the amounts tend to be lower as well as their risk exposures are dispersed more than a wider subscriber base.

Lately, I’d dinner with 2 quite interesting personalities, mainly because of the entities their employed by. Becoming an “outsider”, I acquired to listen to and appreciate views from these two guys, both of them are in the centre management within their particular employers. One of these is employed by a house developer while your partner works inside a bank like a risk analyst, in control with recommending if your loan could be approved.

In the commercial entity view point, banks are meant to provide “umbrella if this rains”. My pal in the commercial entity commented that in fact, banks give loan if not needed, and withdraw the facilities once they need these facilities most. Banks don’t support them within their difficult occasions. Actually, banks produced more trouble for them by reduction of lines of credit, demanding immediate loan instalments, and threatening to for default if their requirements aren’t met.

My pal in the bank immediately responded, commenting that banks will also be commercially driven, and that they need to safeguard themselves to make sure survival. An easy error is the risk assessment will produce loan default. You will find a lot of encounters inside the banking industry that loans approved to seeming good companies grew to become delinquent because of many unscrupulous businessmen using the funds for his or her personal benefits in the hindrance from the good companies. Therefore, banks need to be very careful when reviewing loan requests to reduce the default risk.

Out of this simple dinner, I acquired to understand that regardless whether it’s fact or perception that SME’s have found it tough to acquire loans from banks, the end result is that SME’s and banks their very own roles to experience inside the commercial world, for survivability, profitability and accountability to your customers.

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